The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

To Say It Once Again:

Most Modern Forms Of Auto Service Marketing
And Advertising Were Designed To Make Money For The
Guy Selling It Not The Shop Owner Buying It

And, it is such an easy sale. Why? Because all you have to do is come up with a new, cheap way to “Get Your Name Out There” and every small business in town will flock to it – because it’s cheap and just might – FINALLY – be the one that works. Small business is a pushover for anything that looks like a cheap quick fix or magic bullet. Why? Because they don’t know how to judge auto repair marketing.

The trained advertising sales people pushing this stuff on you aren’t even lying about the claims they are making. Since they don’t know anything about the art and science of auto service marketing, they don’t know that their stuff won’t work to bring in the customer with money. They are simply saying and doing what they’ve been trained to say and do. Sell you this program at all costs by repeating the company line.

They tell you over and over that the secret is, “You’ve Got To Get Your Name Out There!”, which is utterly meaningless. As long as you believe in this strategy, you are the prey of any advertising company that walks through your door with cheap advertising.

Because a Get-Your-Name-Out-There Form Of Auto Service
Marketing Is Cheap – Everyone Tries It And Uses It

However, Because Everyone Uses It
It Has Lost Its Power To Attract And Impress In The Marketplace

Here’s What You Must Do To Attract Prime Customers

You’ve got to create a strong memorable market presence – be there with the right image and message, and be there often. You need to give the right people a powerful image, a level of comfort, an instant recognition of what you do, and – that you do it extremely well – better than anyone else.