The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Half of your business is highly profitable. The other half is busy-work with no profit. You are settling for business you don’t want.

Are You Doing
What Most Shops Do With Their Auto Service Marketing?
Car Count Alone Is Meaningless.
High Profit Car Count Means Everything!

Show photos of cars, mechanics with their head under a hood, road signs with clever sayings, long lists of your services, form letters with freebies, or generic postcards slathered with coupons? If so, then all you are doing is putting your shop right smack in the middle of what every other shop in your market area does and attracting the lower 50% of income earners.

Sameness In Auto Service Marketing
Is Killing The Average Auto Shop

You beat your brains out putting together the very best shop in town, best credentials, best training, best diagnostic and repair equipment, the friendliest service and a beautiful, comfortable building for your customers. But all you seem to get in the door is bottom feeders who want to argue about every nickel you charge.

In my 30 years of building independent auto service businesses, I have seen the same problems over and over again. They are almost all due to poor advertising.

80 to 90% of shop owners know little or nothing about creating auto service marketing to attract the customer with money, the only customer worth pursuing. And neither do most of my competitors selling them advertising. They instinctively do what’s wrong. They do “ME ADVERTISING” or cute, clever generic advertising that has no power to motivate. They send out a message and image that attracts the very customer YOU don’t want and repels the customer YOU do want. And YOU pay for it either way.

No Punches Pulled Answers About Your Auto Service Marketing

…to these age old questions and problems follow in this text – from a guy who learned advertising on the highly successful national level and has been applying it to independent auto service shops for 30 years.

Your Auto Service Marketing
Is Far More Important Than You Think

What Is In This Book Is What You Need To Know About Independent Auto Service Marketing and Advertising.

Let’s Start With Who Is And Who Is Not Our Target