The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

All Of This Material Is Important

The front part is foundational… If you skip any part of it you will simply scoff at the later parts, writing it off as just more mere claims by a crazy auto service marketing company.

If you stop reading before the last pages… you will miss the critical information about direct mail and web sites that will open your eyes.

So – get serious… Invest a little time to find out the realities and discard the fluff and illusions of auto service marketing, so you may get about building your profits.

Most Auto Service Shop Owners
Suffer From The “Ignorance Is Bliss” Syndrome

That’s why there are so few shops that reach $1 million in sales or more. What they don’t know about auto service marketing is killing them – but they don’t know it – and therefore they don’t hurt mentally over what they don’t know.

What You Read Here
Will Make You Hurt About Your Auto Service Marketing

Ignorance gone means accountability. You are now responsible for what you know. You might even see in your own auto service marketing and web site programs (that you have paid dearly for over the years) that you will now know you need to discard and start over. You will finally understand why they haven’t worked and what you need to do to make your auto service marketing profitable.

Are You Playing The Auto Service Car Count Game?
If So, You Are Already Losing – Unless You Have A High RO Average

I’ve heard well meaning, respected, long time, industry trainers say that car
count is all that matters. Saying things like, “If you are doing at least a $200 RO average, just keep bringing them in and you will be doing great!”

There’s one fallacy in that argument. Let’s say you have 4 customers with different RO amounts in one day:

  • Customer #1 = $65.00
  • Customer #2 = $375.00
  • Customer #3 = $39.00
  • Customer #4 = $321.00

Total = $800.00 (RO Average $200.00)

Come On Auto Service Shop Owner – Do You See It?
What’s Wrong With This Picture?