The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Most Modern Forms Of Auto Service Marketing And Advertising Were Designed To Make Money For The Guy Selling It
Not The Shop Owner Buying It

Consider this a quick, but highly advanced course on upscale auto service marketing. The comments and strategies enumerated here apply to all forms of auto service marketing, but rotate around New Customer Acquisition through Upscale Direct Mail and Web Sites to attract customers with fine cars and money.

Current customer advertising and loyalty programs are not discussed here. They are different in their approach, much easier to accomplish, and involve a different set of rules and techniques. But we can also do current customer direct mail.

The Top 50% of Americans Pay 97.3% of the Federal Taxes*
What Does This Mean To You As An Auto Service Shop Owner?

Most people aren’t making much money. If your auto service marketing is not successfully reaching the top 50% of the income earners -or- selectively marketing through upscale Make & Model lists in your market area, you aren’t making much money either. *Source: Internal Revenue Service – 2008

Do Not Simply Scan Or Skip Thru Parts Of This Study

Some people go through four years of college to learn marketing. I have spent the last 30 years doing Automotive Service Marketing to upscale customers. But most shop owners want the full picture in a quick two minute read. If this is you – you are not our kind of client. If you are serious about getting upscale customers with money into your shop, you might want to take advantage of my education and experience to pick up – in 30 minutes – much of what I have learned in 30 years.

I Will Not Even Do A Proposal For An Auto Service Shop Owner
Who Has Not Read This Book

Reading this book in its entirety, will give you an advanced understanding of auto service marketing, what we do, how we do it, and save us both an hour on the phone when we go over your free market analysis. If you don’t read it, you will want to fight me all the way through on concepts, designs, price and strategy. If you read it you will completely understand.

Why? Because I will show you things about auto service marketing you have not seen before and propose some things that will sound crazy – unless you have read this information and know why it needs to be done – but more important – why it makes sense. If you read the book, the market analysis will only take about 10 minutes unless you have more questions, and you will understand it perfectly. Even if you do not do business with us, you will walk away from this book with new auto service marketing information you can use for your own shop.