The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Was Born In 1975

In 1975, auto service marketing was not yet even a flicker of a thought in my mind. In fact, even though I was working in the auto service industry, it was on the product sales side to auto service shops. Auto service marketing would not even raise its head until 1984.

For me, upscale direct mail postcard marketing was born in 1975. I was working at the Stewart-Warner Corporation in Chicago at the time. I had just been promoted to Regional Sales Manager in the instrument division, coming out of the product management department where I worked with exhaust emissions analyzers, engine analyzers, wheel balancers, compressors, lifts, fluid delivery systems, etc. I began working on new ways to promote our products. I spent a lot of time in auto service shops.

Working with the photo department, I came up with several large postcard products that we could place in pockets of floor displays to promote our products. It went over very well with the corporate leaders and we continued to use the postcards.

Postcard Direct Mail Marketing
Blows Down The Doors

At the same time, I was helping several friends with their business advertising on the side. I was working with a small custom photo processing lab in the Chicago area. They needed more business.

I looked at what the competition was doing and saw a lot of letters and brochures that had to be stuffed into an envelope, giving the potential customer no reason to open it. And – there was no photography involved to attract the attention of a photographer!?

My thought was simple. Why not skip the envelope and letter with nothing but endless copy, go directly to a postcard product where the message would be seen instantly, put some pictures of things that would attract a photographer to read the postcard and create some feel for who this company is, and let’s see what happens. I designed my very first direct mail postcard.

The postcard was sent to independent professional photographers and corporate photo departments. We had a 31% response rate! I knew I had stumbled onto something great. I was 27 years old.

As time went on, I expanded my postcard marketing ideas, and then, got pulled into business with my Dad – Zed Daniels Sr., to work with him on the Mr. Coffee and La Machine accounts. As I have said in my little biography – it was the best of times – and I learned what advertising and marketing was all about.

But In 1984 My Love Affair With Auto Service Marketing Began

Since then I have used postcards to attract the right people to trade shows, promote bands, build a wide variety of small businesses, but in 1984, my love affair with the auto service industry began.

As you read in my biography (page 2), my first auto service marketing job was with a little three bay shop in Houston. It worked so very well that I started going strictly after auto service shops. The rest is history.

For 30 years myself, my wife and business companions, have built our business and yours by developing high image, upscale auto service marketing direct mail, designed and mailed to the right customer, with the right cars, inviting people with money to come in and see what you can do for them.

An Income Difference Like You Have Never Seen

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