The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

When you call us, I have an absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable staff to help you, but you can always talk directly to me. I am not a Presidential figure head, I am here to get the job done and to help you. I usually answer the phone.

I can discuss every angle of the business with you from the name of your shop and identity, to shop appearance and every form of advertising, but only if your market does not have another shop already using our products. I reserve everything I do for our exclusive clients.

If you are the right shop, we are the right advertising company to take you up the ladder.

As You Contemplate The Cost Of Such A Program
Consider what the cost would be to have these programs working against you. You would be losing countless Prime Customers to your competition, but wouldn’t know it. Ignorance Is Bliss (but expensive…)

Give Us A Call To See If Your Market Area Is Open

If so, we will do a free market analysis for you to find out what your market potential is, then give you several proposals on how to capture it. We look forward to talking with you. Zed Daniels – President

The Art & Science of Selling Auto Service

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