The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Kill any and all of these that are not performing for you. Sometimes you get a freak accident where one of these might work due to local culture, but usually they don’t. Kill all advertising that does not work and move on to something that does.

Thinking about buying a new $20,000 piece of equipment that will help you handle bigger numbers of customers more efficiently? Hmmmmm…. If you don’t have the customers now, how is that new machine going to help you bring new customers in your door?

The Disease

Some 20 years ago I met a guy who went around to local auto repair shops as a consultant, analyzing their business in every area. He showed them ways to cut costs and do a much better job in all areas of their operation – even marketing. He and I got together one day and I showed him what I do. He loved it so much that he got me in to see and work with some 8 or 10 clients over the next year.

The Disease Strikes

After lecturing his clients on the importance of good marketing for many years, this consultant bought his own upscale shop and went into the business, thinking, “Who could be better qualified than me to have the best shop in town!!?”

He called me right away, and we talked, but he never did give me a time where we could get together. Time went on, we chatted several times, but never got together. Within a year, he closed his doors. The disease struck him in the heart. He spent all his money on new equipment to be the best qualified – to do more things than his competitors – and never spent a penny on auto service marketing.

In Conclusion
Your Best Auto Service Marketing Investment Is Upscale Direct Mail
And Web Sites With SEO And Proper Content For Finding And Capturing
New Prime Customers

Many Will Disagree With Me

But that’s to be expected. I have made many strong statements here, and most will say that it’s only to get the sale from you.

But if I was that interested in just getting the sale, I would be selling everyone, even to direct competitors, like my competition does. But I don’t, and I never will.

At the age of 64, with 30 years in this industry, I am doing today, exactly what I have found to be the very best program there is for my clients. This is my living and career of choice. If there was something better, I would be doing it. That you can be sure of.

In fact, you will probably find me to be the youngest 63 year-old you have ever talked with. I still love my business, the people in the industry and the conquest of bringing Prime Customers into your shop. That’s what turns me on. I like it when YOU make money!