The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

If you do not show the lead who you are and what you can do for them, they will use their imagination to figure it out. Since everybody hates auto repair, what will their imagination tell them about you? We might not know the details of what they are thinking but I can guarantee you it will be negative and they will move on to your competitor’s site.

If you don’t have a great web site, turn it off immediately. It is hurting, not helping you. Kill it before it kills you. No matter what it cost, get something great.

The Amazing Thing Is This

Most shop owners are running around looking for the cheapest deal on a web site, when what they should be looking for is the very best web site you can build, regardless of cost. Because It Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over.

Go for great, even if the cost hurts a little, and you will never regret it.

However, if you go for cheap, you will suffer from the, Ignorance Is Bliss Syndrome for as long as that site is up.

You will probably never know how many Prime Customer sales you will have lost because of it, but the money you save on the up front side, will strangle you on the back, income side.

Have You Built A 2 Bay Web Site To Fill Up An 8 Bay Repair Shop?

Just one or two more great customers captured by a great web site will pay for the site over the next year. And, a great web site will bring in hundreds more Prime Customers over the next several years.

You Have Only One Chance To Make A Great First Impression
Most Shops Waste It By Sending The Customer To A Cheap Web Site

So – Where Do I Get The Money To Build Such A Web Site?

Eliminate the deadwood from your advertising budget and put it where it counts. Yellow Page Books are dead, online yellow or white page directories have little value, most all on-line directories get a lot of clicks, but few sales, newspapers are dead, grocery carts, register tapes, packet mailers, (billboards can be great if it is right above your shop – other than that forget it), urinal ads, before movie on-screen ads, web directories, scoreboard ads and In-The-Mall Big Screen Ads are all dead or dying when it comes to automotive service and repair. And when was the last time one of your personalized T-Shirts, key-chains or pens actually brought in a new customer? (Call me if you would like to know why on any of these specific things).