The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

We want everyone to know how important we are, how hard we have worked to be the best at what we do and all our wonderful, hard earned technical skills, certifications and equipment. How nice our building is, the lifts, the parts and all the training we have endured.

The shop owner always wants to show the customer all the things that the shop owner wants them to see – rather than showing the Prime Customer all the things that they want and need to see to make a positive decision.

The assumption made by the shop owner that uses such advertising tactics is this. That once the customer has been fully enlightened with all our attributes and advantages, they will run to our shop – fall to their knees, bow and cry out – “We’re Not Worthy – We’re Not Worthy – Please Fix My Car!”

Instead – like going to lunch with a totally self-centered friend, you have bored them to death by talking about yourself and they assume that your service will be self-centered as well. You’re Done!!

The Problem… The Prime Customer could care less about all your technical stuff. Most shop owners want to put in pages and pages of stuff no one will ever read, or worse, the lead will just leave the site – due to its boring nature. And, you leave out everything that would have hit their hot-button.

The average shop owner will want to put in up to two times more material on their web site than is needed. A mistake that can take your site from fun, precise and exciting to dull, boring and hard to navigate.

The Only Purpose Of Your Web Site Is To Sell New Customers
You Sell – And Make Good Profits
By Showing The Prime Customer His/Her Hot-Buttons

What Is The Prime Customer Looking For On Your Web Site?

A Great Auto Service Marketing Web Site
Draws Leads To Itself And Then Makes You Look Good

When a new Prime Customer visits your web site they are visiting you. If your web site is bad, then you are perceived as bad. If it is great, then you are perceived as great. Isn’t that simple?

Web sites are no longer a new method of promotion, but many shops still think that just having one is a great advancement in their business.

But if your site is not a great web site, you haven’t advanced at all. In fact, most auto service web sites make themselves look far worse than they really are – not better – like they absolutely must be.