The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

A 16 Year Client Of Motor Service Marketing Talks About Zed’s Ad-Card Program

Selling Auto Service

“The investment in Ad-Card is phenomenal. It pays off many, many, many times the investment we’ve made in it. I would hate to do business without the Ad-Card.”

“When Zed signed me up many years ago, he said he would not sell that card to our direct competitors… He has kept his word on that and by golly, a handshake in Texas is worth a contract and he stepped up to the plate and did what he said he would do.” (In 16 years we have turned away five of Steve’s competitors).

“I just can’t say enough good things about the Ad-Card.””The Ad-Card is a real big part of our marketing program and a big part of our success over the last few years. We have enjoyed years of outstanding success in a real tough market. We have increased our marketing budget, we have increased our Ad-Card usage and our sales fall right behind it as do our profits.”

“I have recommended Ad-Card to several other shops around the country and my endorsement is without reservation. I say just try it, stick with it. Get yourself a program and whatever it is, just keep doing the program… Stick with it at least a year or two, send those cards out on a regular basis, the returns will start coming in and you won’t believe your eyes.”

“The Ad-Card brings us good quality customers. They are almost pre-sold when they come in the door because the piece is designed so well, that it promotes our business and sets the stage for that customer when they walk in the door.”

About Steve Louden

  • Member of ASA for over 30 years.
  • President Local Chapter.
  • Texas State President.
  • Chairman of the Board for ASA National over 25,000 members.
  • One of the founding members of the AMI training program.
  • Has given AMI marketing training programs all over the country for many years.

Video Comments From Steve Louden
On The Ad-Card Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Program