The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Small businesses all jumped into doing their own ad designs, and printers and many other little businesses decided that they would now get into the advertising business too.

It was kinda like somebody running out to buy a wrench set, coming home thinking they were qualified to fix a Mercedes

Sure, they all tried it. The problem – none of them understood or studied the art and science of advertising. They thought that all you had to do was put a pretty picture in your ad or mail piece, tell everyone how great you are – and the customers would pour in the door.

What happened? There was a flood of horrendously bad advertising being dumped upon an unsuspecting public with very little or no response.

The advertising agency didn’t disappear at all. In fact, old-time ad pros, trained in combat, are not only still around, but are still doing things just different enough to make a big impact, where everyone else looks exactly alike.

The Same Thing Is Happening Today
With Auto Service Marketing Web Sites

Today, most web sites are looking just like the early versions of graphic design programs when they were first introduced.

Many web design techies, who know how to build web sites technically, are also doing the web site content. The problem is, they know absolutely nothing about good and bad content, the art and science of advertising and nothing about the auto service industry.

Some time ago I had a shop owner who actually won a web site design worth some $1,500. Upon him showing me the home page that was already designed, I pointed out the generic flaws and complete lack of Prime Customer attracting features. He just scrapped it, and went with us.

A very wise man. Most shop owners would never do that, just to save the outgoing money. Most would, “Give It A Try” for a year or so. They would unknowingly (ignorance is bliss) lose most of the business they were trying to attract – and finally scrap the site when their 20 group pushed them into doing so. Penny wise and TONS FOOLISH.

If you have a junk web site, dump it and get something that will impress and sell the Prime Customer!

The Shop Owner Often Doesn’t Help Either

When left to themselves, everyone trying to do their own advertising does “ME ADVERTISING”. It is human nature. We can’t help it. We think good auto service marketing consists of telling everyone how wonderful we are.