The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

A great web site that offers the balance of Content and built-in SEO will run you $3,000 to $5,000 plus $50 per month for hosting – and maybe additional monthly fees depending on how serious you want your SEO to be on an ongoing basis.

If you are located in a fairly unsophisticated market with a low level of competition, you might just be able to stay on top of the SEO just the way we create it for you from the start.

If you are in an unusually competitive market and want to stay on the first page, it might cost you an additional $200 to $600+ per month to keep you on top. That is the reality of web site SEO and the nature of the beast.

Let’s take the highest scenario for comparison. If you add up the $5,000 to build your site, plus the SEO fee of $600 per month, you get $12,200 for the first year. Remember the Yellow Pages? How many of you were spending $1,000 per month, or more, for a full page ad, plus multiple other little ads in different categories, to fight your competition in that venue of marketing?

But unlike the Yellow Pages that always went up in price each year, your second year of your new web site would drop down to $7,200 per year, because you don’t have to rebuild the site again the next year.

So – what’s the difference between the Yellow Pages of old and having your own web site of new?

  1. You are in control of your web site content and can change it any time throughout the year to meet changing needs or technology. Yellow Pages you were stuck with for a year.
  2. In the Yellow Pages you got to put up only one page of information, one image for your customer to make their decision on you. Today, once you get them to your site, you have the ability to give them a full array of high quality images – and – cover the whole spectrum of who you are and give them what they are looking for – like you never could before.

But remember – most of your competitors don’t have the right content to make a sale to the Prime Customer. Even if they have great SEO, chances are good that the Prime Customers will skip over them and come to you if you do have the right content. It happens every day.

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Many years ago when graphic design programs were first introduced for personal computers, everyone thought it was all over for advertising agencies. Everyone could now do their own advertising.