The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Why does the auto repair shop on Main Street, with 100,000 cars per day passing by, have sales of over $1 million per year, whereas the little shop, buried in the back of the industrial park, with 100 cement trucks passing by per day, does only $100,000 per year?

LOCATION! It’s exactly the same with web sites. If you get picked up on the first page in a search, you are on Main Street! If you get picked up on anywhere from the second page or worse, you are in the industrial park.

Your Web Site Position, For Your Automotive Service
Marketing Is The New Real Estate!

Front Page Position Is An Absolute Must
Or You Might As Well Be On The Last Page.

#4 Zed’s Law On Web Site Success
A Great Automotive Service Web Site
Is A Perfect Balance Of SEO And Correct Content

To be successful with your web site you must have both – Great SEO and Great CONTENT! You must know the tricks that get your site on the first page of a search, plus, deliver the sale once you get there.

You only have one chance to turn Prim Lead into a Prime Customer. Your lead is in control. Your lead decides when they will go looking for a new auto service shop. Your lead types in the search criteria. Your lead looks at the list of choices on the first page. You lead makes the selection. Your lead pulls up their first web site for a look. If it has the right content, they may stop right there and make a call. If not, they go to the next selection. If that one has the right content, the sale is made. If not they keep looking…

Where do you stand in this process? Most Auto Service Shops have their automotive web site doors closed 24 hours a day (figuratively speaking). They either have poor SEO so no one comes -or- they have the wrong content that chases Prime Customers away. Are you in the game, or just sitting on the bench, thinking you’re in the game?

#5 Zed’s Law On Designing
Successful Auto Service Marketing Web Sites
Many Shop Owners Are Looking To Spend $500 To Build An Auto Service Marketing Web Site, Plus $8.95 Per Month Hosting
Then Expect $500,000 In Prime Customer Sales From Itp