The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

#2 Zed’s Law On Driving Direct Traffic To Your Site
Ad-Card Direct Mail, Because Of Its
Highly Selective Mailing List Of Prime Customers
Drives A Pre-Screened, Known Demographic, Local Lead
To Your Web Site To Close The Sale

SEO is not the only way to get good leads to your web site. You can get them directly through Ad-Card mailings or other ads, in other formats – that will take the prospect directly to your site from the ad content.

The Ad-Card auto service marketing – direct mail program – is just about the best way available to you because it has already selected Prime Customer leads for you based on income or make/model/year criteria. These leads are the best of the best in your market area. As such, these people are pre-screened – a known commodity – that fit your desired demographic target perfectly. The Map-To-The-Gold-Mine, so to speak.

When this lead gets the Ad-Card, we whet their appetite with the quality image delivered on the card. Then we send them to your web site to close the deal.

Such a web site must be as good or better than the image they have already experienced on the Ad-Card. If it is, it will portray the same quality, integrity and image already experienced on the Ad-Card. The same image that was successful in getting them to go to your web site. A web site of anything less in quality and image can be considered lack of integrity and you will be dropped instantly.

When sending leads directly from an ad to your site, the images, message and trust must match or you lose your lead.

ONE WARNING: You cannot send out a first class Ad-Card, then send your prospect to a 3rd or 4th class web site (which most auto repair web sites are). If you do, you lose trust and integrity and can kill sales faster than Ad-Card can usually bring them in.

Don’t spend the money on a great direct mail campaign, until you have an equally great or better web site to back it up. You might as well flush your money down the toilet.

#3 Zed’s Law On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You Must Land On The First Page Of A Search
Or You Don’t Really Have A Web Presence

Location – Location – Location!!