The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

SEO Can Get Them To Your Site
But It Can Never Sell Them Once They Are There!
Only The Content Can Make Your Case And Deliver The Sale.

Some shop owners want to have a much more extensive web site where they can highlight customers, events, clubs, etc. If you would like to do something like this, it is a great idea, but here is how I suggest you do it. HAVE TWO WEB SITES:

One For New Auto Service Customer Sales Only.
The Other For Current Customer Interaction And Repeat Sales.
Our Specialty Is New Customer Sales.

So – Let’s Talk About The Content
That Sells New Auto Service Customers

Just like the difference between great and lousy direct mail, it is only the content that makes the difference. You need the right image. You need to immediately build confidence, trust and integrity in your professionalism and eliminate anything that might make them doubt or fear you. I am leaving out the most important element, because that is our trade secret given only to clients. But without the right content, you have no hope of attracting the Prime Customer.

Why Are You Killing Your Own Sale?

You fought hard to get the SEO ranking to be on the first page – to get people to your site. You sent out direct mail to get them to go directly to your site. Then once you get them there you give them 15 links that can take them off your site, getting them thinking about other things, running them down other rabbit trails – and you lose the sale!!! WHY??

Once you got ‘EM there – keep ‘EM there!!
Don’t ever give them a reason to jump off your site except
to call you or bring their car in for service.

Countless links to other places may get you a better SEO ranking, but it also redirects people’s thinking, that often triggers questions they now want answered. Next thing you know, they have clicked off your site – and are 3 sites away – when the wife calls them for dinner, or the kids distract Mom – and you’ve just lost your chance to get a new customer.

Most links you place on your site, also have links – to other links – and so on… Once they leave you – chances are Ten to One that you won’t see them again. After all, who really wants to think about auto repair anyway? Everyone hates it.