The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

So what happens when the customer gets there? They miss the sale!!! High hits with low sales are meaningless.

Keep This In Mind: To make good money in the auto service business, you must first find a Prime Customer, someone who has money and a nice car, THEN – convince them that you are the best person to work on their car. Show them they can trust you financially, trust you professionally and you will treat them like royalty. But most important, you must convince them that you are worth the little higher price than the shop down the street, to make the sale.

What exactly is the sale you are trying to make? It is so simple: To get them to dial your phone rather than a competitor’s phone. To get them in your door, rather than your competitor’s door.

That is your sale. That is the entire function of your web site.
All else is pride, fluff and fantasy.

And To Do It – You Need A Great Image/Sales Web Site
Your Web Site IS YOU To Those Who Land On It

Let’s Assume You Have A Web Site With Enough SEO To Get You On Page One
Now – What Will The Content Get You Once They Are There?
A First Class Web Site will get you Prime Customers
A Second Class Web Site will get you Coupon Customers
and maybe a few Prime Customers
A Third Class Web Site will get you nothing but
Coupon Customers and Price Shoppers.
A Fourth Class Web Site will get you junk or nothing.

The Customer Will Trust You Or Flee From You
Based On What They See In Your Content.
SEO Is Merely “The Stamp That Delivers The Mail”

Web Sites Are Just Like Direct Mail Postcards
SEO Delivers The Customer And Great Web Site Content Makes The Sale

The Art and Science of Auto Service Marketing

SEO Gets Them To Your Site But It’s Site Content That Makes Them Call