The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

When It Comes To Auto Service Marketing And Advertising
The Only Function Of A Web Site Is To Sell.

It’s not to show them how cool you are, show your expensive equipment, your stacks of parts and tires, your racing clubs, Yugo Owners Club, political opinions, your new motorcycle, links to 50 other automotive related sites and the first photos of your 1 year old child walking.

The function of your site is to get them there by displaying your image, create a positive feeling and make them an offer they can’t refuse – so they will call or come in.

Hit them immediately – hit them hard (delicately) with an image and comfort zone that is exactly what they are looking for. Hold them for 2 to 6 minutes, show them you love them, have exactly what they need, and give them every reason to desire and prefer you above all other competitive sites, so they will visit you first.

Most auto service shop owners like to put about 70% to 90% of their efforts into SEO when developing their auto service marketing web site. The lure of FREE ADVERTISING with the organic search is the big draw. So you go nuts with Search Engine Optimization and completely leave out customer content that will make the Prime Customer call.

But when it comes to content, not much is known and there seems to be little interest on the subject. You see little or no image, endless copy and behind the curtain tricks – but they have little to no CUSTOMER CONTENT. And often, include content that can actually turn away the very customer the shop is looking for.