The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Why Is Content So Important? Because Everyone Hates Auto Repair
SHOP OWNER – Let’s Look At Your Business
From The Customer’s Perspective?

There Are 3 Extreme Problems With Auto Service

  1. Auto repair is always inconvenient. The customer has to jockey rides and give up their car for a day or two.
  2. Auto repair is expensive. It takes money away from something else your customer wanted to spend it on. The $29.95 oil change and inspection – that turned into a brake job and a 30,000 mile maintenance – was the $900 they had been saving up to buy that long anticipated – flat screen, High Def TV. They may not hate you, but there could be an underlying negative association that can be completely subconscious and yet quite strong.
  3. Looking for a new auto repair shop is confusing, frustrating and frightening. If someone is looking for a new shop, it is because they left the one they were using for some important reason. They usually don’t have the slightest idea of where to go or what to look for and they are afraid they are going to get ripped off because the last shop they tried ripped them off, didn’t fix their car right and treated them rudely.

So Shop Owner – this is the mindset you are dealing with from your potential new customer. When you are developing your marketing you must realize that their priority of importance for finding a new auto repair shop shows up at about number 326 on the list of “Things I Most Like To Do”. A root canal ranks higher…

The Point Is This: With your advertising, you are swimming up-stream from the start, and the Prime Customer – is the hardest of all to win over. You must win their trust and confidence. You need the right content. Nothing else will do.