The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

We don’t care if you have 2 techs or 10. If you are striving for success and are doing it the right way, you are the shop we can help.

If you are trying to break the $1 million sales mark or are shooting for million number 2, we can help you hit it with higher profit margins than ever.

It’s A Match Made In Heaven

We bring in the right customer, you deliver the love and service – and – you’ve got high-paying customers for the long run.

This is where money is made in the auto service business. Shops filled with loyal, high-paying Prime Customers are the income winners.

And Now – The Big One – Let’s Talk About
Auto Service Marketing Web Sites

Most Shop Owners Build A 2 Bay Web Site
To Fill Up An 8 Bay Auto Service Shop

Web sites have become the most popular way people find the products and services they want. With your desktop, laptop, IPod or mobile phone, you can find anything you are looking for any time of the day. Thus – you need to be there with a vengeance.

But Being There Is Meaningless
If You Don’t Understand The Following 5 Laws…

#1 Zed’s Law On Auto Service Web Site Content
But It Is The Web Site Content That Delivers
The Prime Customer To Your Shop!