The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Over the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year to 2 years you will see your customer ratios flip from mostly Coupon Customers to mostly Prime Customers. RO averages will climb steadily and your shop attitude will significantly change for the better.

Plus, the value of your business will be increasing steadily should you ever decide to sell it.

Where will you be five or 10 years from now? The decision you make about your
auto service marketing – Right Now – will determine the answer to that question.

If You Have A Shoddy Auto Service Shop

This is where we deal with reality rather than hopes, intentions and illusions.

Is your shop dirty and run down? Is your customer area filled with old parts, manuals stacked on counters, everything in disarray and stains on your carpet and couches?

In the garage area, does your shop have greasy parts all over the floor, old tires, engines, oil drums, junk cars on the lot and greasy unfriendly people at the desk whose customer skills are not what they should be? Does your diagnostic department consists of a hand held battery tester and an antique Sun Analyzer? If so, you live in the Coupon Customer Zone. In this condition there is nothing you can do to attract the Prime Customer.

Please don’t call us. Even we can’t help you if your shop looks like this. How do I know? In 30 years of building auto shops through upscale auto service marketing, I have tried countless times to get people into shoddy shops. What happens?

The customer pulls up to your shop and sees the shoddy building. Then they look down at the magnificent Ad-Card and see the incredible image portrayed there.

The two completely different messages they are getting, creates confusion and complete loss of integrity. They become angry at the bait and switch tactics. They turn and drive away and tell others what a jerk you are.

Our upscale products are not good for you, or our reputation, in this situation.

There is no one to blame but yourself for lack of Prime Customer business if you have a shoddy shop. Get yourself cleaned up and customer oriented, and then give us a call.

If You Have A Great Auto Service Shop

It may not be perfect, but you really care about your customers and your work, and are working toward perfection, YOU are the perfect prospect for our program.

If your shop is clean, neat and you have friendly service writers who really care about doing the job right, techs that know their stuff and have rare comebacks, and you know how to treat the customer with money – The Prime Customer – YOU are exactly the ones we like to work with.