The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Ad-Card brings in a better quality customer. That is the whole purpose of our business and what we’ve done for 30 years.

Our normal RO average for a new Ad-Card customer will be between $250 – $400, maybe more. We had a recent average of $539 in Milwaukee. (Much of that depends on who’s running the front desk.)

RO averages for European and other specialty shops
Have run upwards of $1,000!

If we take a 60 cents cost per card (the highest price we have for the smallest quantity), it will cost you $60 per new customer at a 1% return rate.

If we sell them additional work at only the lowest average RO – that would be $250.

So, your #1 customer will make you a sale of $250 less your advertising expense of $60, for a total of $190 on the plus side – and you are not giving away the oil and tech’s time for free. Of course, there will be expenses against that $190 for parts and labor, but you are still on the plus side.

But Here’s The Kicker!

Ad-Card customers have been proven to be loyal if you treat them right. We have shown an average of $500 to $1,000 per year in sales per customer (much higher for European Specialists). And, since we will never sell another competitive shop in your market area, you, and you alone, will always get 100% of the Prime Customers that Ad-Card attracts in your market – MEANING…

The price per new customer will never increase
because your auto service marketing company
sold you out to a competitor – or two – or three.

You will be pulling in most of the Prime Customers in your market area with Ad-Card while your competitors will be hacking it out with the local Coupon Customers.

Buy In Larger Quantities…

… and our price will be virtually the same per-card-cost as what you are using now, or very close to it, but with the added value of EXCLUSIVITY and a much higher quality customer coming in your door.

This Is Not A Quick Fix

There is no magic bullet. Our program is not an instant solution. Prime Customers don’t move that fast. Our programs are foundational, business-changing tools that work like nothing else on the market, but they take time.