The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Carrier route saturation may be cheap to mail, but it is still sending cards to Coupon Customers and not sending to Prime Customers that are right in your local area. You are missing part of your Preferred Market using this method. This method appears to be cheap on the surface, but you still have to put up with the aggravation of Coupon Customers and miss out on the blessings of Prime Customer Profits from those you are not sending to.

The only way to get the very best possible mailing list to reach the top level people in your auto service marketing area is to select by income level -or- a make, model, year list to reach every qualified Prime Customer in all carrier routes. That way you get all the Prime Customers in your local market area and almost no Coupon Customers.

Some of these companies do offer exclusivity by zip code, but what good is exclusivity when it includes Coupon Customers. Exclusivity is only meaningful when it applies to Prime Customers or Make/Model/Year (MMY) first quality customers!

There Is Only One Kind Of Auto Service Marketing
That Will Drive Profits Up In Your Auto Service Shop

REMEMBER: The strategy of our Ad-Card program is to increase your ratio of Prime Customers and decrease your number of Coupon Customers. We just eliminate sending to Coupon Customers by selecting only to higher incomes in your market area -or- by getting the list for you by MMY, if you are lucky enough to be in one of the 19 states we have it available in. (We do have lists in other states as well – the best lists available in those areas – so check with us if you are in another state. You can find out which states at:

Automotive Service Marketing that brings in everyone may keep you busy – but if you are searching for higher profit – bringing in Prime Customers is the only way to do it.

And What About Price?

Many people think our high class products are much more expensive, when in fact, they are not. Let me show you why…

The Most Important Thing To Remember
With Auto Service Direct Mail:

The biggest cost for direct mail is the mailing cost, using up to 50% to 75% of your total expenditure for your advertising campaign, running an average cost of 31 cents per piece.
Why would anyone spend that much to send out a piece that is anything less than the very best at attracting the top quality customer??

For direct mail where you want to single out high income leads or Make/Model/Year prospects and eliminate Coupon Customers, there is nothing to do but pay the 31 cent cost per card.