The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service


Unlike most national advertising companies – we don’t want to be the biggest in the country. We simply want to be the very best for you, our one-and-only client, in your exclusive market area.

At age 63, I have spent 60% my adult life testing, trying, seeking and proving programs to attract Prime Customers – and Prime Customers only – to your auto repair shop – and I give those tools, secrets, programs and methods to one – and only one – client in each market area.

Sorry – but we don’t work with everyone. That may take us out of the Mr. Popularity Contest, but to have any integrity at all, that’s what any advertising company should do.

If You Are A Printer – You can sell to anyone. Even direct competitors without guilt. You are not responsible for the success of their advertising campaigns, you are just putting ink on paper.

But if you are an auto service marketing company, your client is choosing you based on your experience and claims of success with your products and strategies. In This Situation, Integrity and Success Demands Exclusivity.

If a marketing company does not offer exclusivity, (for new customer acquisition – not current customer programs) you are dealing with a company that fits perfectly into the definition of “Most Modern Forms Of Auto Repair Advertising Are Created To Make Money For The Guy Selling It, Not Shop Owner Who Is Buying It.”

Exclusivity Vs. Conflict Of Interest
Here’s The Reality And The Numbers Of Non-Exclusivity

If your marketing company sells the same program (that you are using) to one other shop in the same market area (who is your direct competitor), they increase their income by 200%, but cut your response rate by 50%.

If they sell to two other shops in the same area, they increase their income by 300% but cut your response to 33%.

If they sell to three other shops, they increase their income by 400% but cut your response to 25%.

Why Don’t Other
Auto Service Marketing Companies Offer Exclusivity?

  1. It’s time consuming. It requires expensive mapping programs to track territories. You need additional employees to do extensive market research – cutting out separate geographic areas for each client, just to give someone a proposal, even before they buy.
  2. You have to say “NO” to shops that want to spend money with you. We turn down more shops than we sell.
  3. They make a lot more money selling it to everyone in the business.

But Here’s The Big Question

Are you willing to commit Your income, Your shop attitudes and Your future success to an auto service marketing company that is not willing to commit exclusivity to You?

They have proven, by leaving open their option to sell to your direct competitors, that their interest does not lie with you. And, how do you know if there aren’t already 2 or 3 other shops in your area using the same program you just bought? You probably don’t know until it’s too late.


Watch out for any company that offers exclusivity by carrier route and who tally the income level they are sending to by carrier route averaging – then do a saturation mailing to everyone in that carrier route for lowest possible mailing cost.

Sure it’s cheap – but… carrier routes were not drawn out for income marketing purposes, they were drawn out for the convenience of the Post Office. If you are looking for carrier routes of $75,000 and above in income level for example, that may sound great on the surface, however:

  1. Carrier Route #1: You might find only one in a thousand carrier routes that contain households with 100% – $75,000 and above incomes. That is a good carrier route. However, most carrier routes look more like #2 and #3.
  2. Carrier Route #2: Has 1/3 incomes of $150,000 – 1/3 incomes of 75,000 – 1/3 incomes of $30,000. You have a $85,000 income average. 2/3 of your mailings are going to the right customers, but 1/3 are going to coupon customers. You have cards going out to the very coupon customers you are trying to avoid.
  3. Carrier Route #3: Has 1/3 incomes of $25,000, 1/3 incomes of $45,000 and 1/3 incomes of $80,000. You have an average income of $50,000, so that carrier route is not selected to send to. You have just lost 1/3 of that carrier route’s great potential Prime Customers making $80,000 per year or more.
  4. What good is exclusivity in such a situation? You are missing Prime Customers in some carrier routes and getting Coupon Customers in others.