The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

YOU MUST… look friendly, professional, honest and display quality to even get the Prime Customer to even glance at you. If you are not, you are living in The Coupon Zone. And life in the Coupon Zone is no fun for anyone.

Shop Owners – A Little Common Sense Please

Blank attracts no response. Cheap attracts cheap response. Generic attracts generic response. Coupon slathered attracts Coupon Customers. Quality attracts quality. Prime design attracts Prime Customers.

You Reap What You Sow – Period!

Every advertising/marketing company in the auto service industry makes exactly the same claims of how they are the best. Weigh these claims against what you have just learned to see if the claims are real or just good sales copy. Remember this…

  • You Are Not Buying Ink On A Postcard
  • You Are Buying The Quality Of Customer Who Walks Through Your Door
  • You Are Buying Increased Car Count And A Higher RO Average

If You Get Nothing Else From What I’m Saying Here – Get This…

Your auto service marketing determines how much money you will make, the kind of customers you will be working with, how well your family will live, where you will be in the next 10 to 20 years, and even the daily attitudes of you and your staff.

Your auto service marketing is just that important, and yet, most shop owners treat it as a necessary evil that should be put on the back burner, spending as little time and money on it as possible to just get by.

And that’s exactly what shop owners with this attitude do – just get by.

We Saved The Best For Last – EXCLUSIVITY

As I said before, all marketing and advertising companies make exactly the same claims, with the exception of one – EXCLUSIVITY.

Exclusivity attaches truth and credibility to all claims. Without exclusivity, all claims of success are nullified. Why?

How can any advertising company tell you:

  • that they are the very best at bringing in top quality new customers;
  • claim they will do the very best job possible to build your business;
  • and then, go down the street and sell the same program to a direct competitor or two;
  • making exactly the same promises to them;
  • then use the same marketing program – for them – against you – diluting your response!?