The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Flip Your Customer Base

- FROM -
80% Coupon Customers and 20% Prime Customers
– TO -
80% Prime Customers with only 20% Coupon Customers
And Watch Your Profits Soar!

The Interesting Thing About Wal-Mart Is…

… Sam had to do millions of dollars of expensive, upscale advertising each year to pull in the price conscious customers. He was making far less of a profit margin on his products than you can on your services. He did high dollar advertising to bring in large numbers of low-paying “Coupon Customers”. He hit the mark right on target and made a fortune.

However, Most Auto Repair Shops Are Trying To Do Just The Opposite. They want to bring In the large numbers of Prime Customer, using cheap, high volume, generic, Coupon Customer attracting methods.

If you are attempting to bring in large numbers of high-paying Prime Customers, using cheap, generic advertising – you are missing the mark completely.

But, that’s exactly what most shops do. They try to bring in the good using the bad. They pay less up front but pay a fortune on the back side through poor response, Coupon Customer aggravation and low income.

In Auto Service Marketing – Content IS Everything!!
Let’s Take A Look At Reality

The Art and Science of Auto Service Marketing

If you did a test and sent out 10,000 blank postcards, and then sent out 10,000 of the best postcard ad that was ever created, which would give you the best response? The answer is completely obvious!

In the real world however, there is every grade of good and bad ad design in-between these two extremes.

Again I ask – are you sending out something cheap that uses generic photos, cliché headlines, “ME” advertising that just tells everyone how great you are, form letters with freebies and canned copy that is guaranteed to attract Coupon Customers? Or are you doing the real thing?