The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

However – Shop Owner -
The Reverse Is True With Your Business

Listen carefully to this… The exact opposite is true with your business and advertising. You are not a Wal-Mart. You cannot do the volume necessary to make big money on cheap prices. You have to get full retail price to make a serious profit. This will never happen with the Coupon Customer.

The Auto Service Prime Customer Is Your Answer
Lots Of Them! But, This Customer Is Truly Different

Listen closely please. This same Prime Customer you are seeking, is probably going to Wal-Mart to buy most of their products, instead of paying too much at department stores. So why are they willing to spend more on their car repairs with you?

Because their car is not a new product they are buying. It is not a matter of deciding which product you want – by make and model – and then searching all over town and the internet to find out who is selling the exact same product for less.

NO! Their car is a product they already own and love. They want it to stay like new as long as possible. Their image and safety are wrapped up in how the car looks and runs and they have the money to keep it just like they want it.

The Prime Customer – MUST BELIEVE – BE COMPLETELY CONVINCED – that you are capable of keeping their fine car in perfect order – or they will not bring it to you. If they think they will be treated right in the process, that’s even better.

The Prime Customer must be reached on an individual, personal level to create trust and preference for them to try you.

The Design, Look And Feel Of
Your Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail And Web Site
Is Critical To Getting Their Attention And Winning Their Business

To make good money in the auto service business…

…you must find, cull out, get the attention of, and create trust and preference with large numbers of Prime Customers. There is no other way to generate the high ROs and make the profit margins necessary to give you the big income.