The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

So – You’ve Been Doing It Wrong – Now What?

By the time the average shop owner starts looking for something that will actually bring in Prime Customers, they discover it is a little more expensive but now they can’t afford it and they’re stuck with the junk.

The average shop owner got into the business as a mechanic and knows little or nothing about auto service marketing, has put little or no money aside for it and has not studied it at all.

When he was a mechanic working for someone else, he saw them send out coupons in a coupon packet mailer and that brought in enough business to keep the place running. Yeah, but that was 20 years ago and things have changed severely. Remember the opening comments about everyone hating advertising?

Most forms of auto repair advertising revolve around a freebie or coupons, coupons, coupons, making you look exactly like every other shop in town. It doesn’t mean you don’t ever give an offer, you just need to know what and how to give.

The very person you are trying to attract, the Prime Customer, is the one you are driving away with your cheap, generic, coupon-slathered image.

They are thinking, “Who wants to take a car to a shop who has to give all his services away to get business in the door? I’m not taking my $60,000 SUV there.” And you lose great sales simply because of a poor image.

Multiple coupons shout to potential customers nothing but, save, cheap, low cost, which immediately puts the quality of your work in question. The Prime Customer is turned off by this kind of advertising. They are not willing to turn over their expensive car to such a place.

Here’s A Controversial Comparison

Stick with this please… Ronald Reagan cut taxes to raise the government income. So did George Bush. It worked extremely well in both cases. But how could cutting taxes increase government income?

Simple, it put more money into the economy. People felt safe and good about having more money and started spending again. Money was pumped back into the economy and invested in new businesses. Jobs were created. Incomes of companies and individuals went up. Even at a lower percentage rate, more tax money was collected.

When this was tried, no one had faith that it could work, but it did.

What Does That Mean To Me? With your advertising, this process is exactly the reverse. You don’t have faith in any form of advertising because they are all the same, so why would you ever spend a little more to get the same results. That would be crazy.