The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

But Above All, You Must Create Preference Over All The
Other Auto Service Shops In Your Market Area

However – There Are Two Kinds Of Preference

Preference For An Auto Service Coupon Customer…

…is a cheap, generic postcard, or flimsy flyer, slathered with freebies and coupons giving your services away. They instantly know they are going to get the cheap price they are looking for.

Preference For An Auto Service Prime Customer…

…is something completely different. But, I can’t give away all my experience and techniques here. They are reserved exclusively for our one-and-only client in each market area.

Why Do Auto Service Shop Owners Go Cheap?

The small business person will first try some 20 methods of cheap, generic advertising to see if it works before realizing that they are all the same. They make you look and feel exactly the same as your competition and gives you the same results – average to poor.

This method of trying everything also has a very bad – although unintended – side effect. It makes you look schizophrenic to your marketplace. Your market sees a variety of different images and appeals. They can’t help but think you have multiple personalities because they never see the same you twice. In some cases, they may not even realize that each of these different faces and attempts to get their attention is actually you.

Trying Multiple Forms And Styles Of Advertising Does Two Things

  1. It creates a lack of integrity. If the potential customer thinks that you don’t even know who you are, they will not trust you and they will go to a competitor.
  2. It eliminates the advantage of multiple impressions. When they see different ads and approaches they may not even know they are all from you.

A fully integrated advertising program, with the same image and same message, lets them know it is you every time, which builds familiarity and comfort. They like and remember what they see. They see integrity, professionalism, friendliness and the preference process begins and they know it is you each time.

A fully integrated program of direct mail with a matching web site creates professionalism, trust, integrity, familiarity and a comfort zone that will allow them to try you, the main elements of preference.