The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service is a no holds barred, tell-it-like-it-is, advanced study and strategy on auto service marketing, based on 30 years of tested and proven principles in the independent auto service industry, answering the question that has puzzled auto service shop owners for decades:

How Do I Bring In Customers With Money?!

  • Read This Because…
    • …your marketing determines how much money you will make, the kind of customers you will be working with, how well your family will live, where you will be in the next 10 to 20 years and even the daily attitudes of you and your staff.
    • YesYour Marketing IS Just That Important!
  • For Specialty Auto Repair Shops…
    • …we have the DMV list for Make, Model, Year in 22 states. There is no better list for specialty auto service marketing. It has been tested and proven with top European, Japanese and American specialty shops all over the country for 8 years. Yes it is legal. Visit for more information.

Auto Service & Repair Marketing Misconception Corrected

When you buy an automotive service marketing program for your car service repair shop, you need to realize that you are not buying postcards, ads, radio, TV, or a web site. You Are Buying The Quality of Customer Who Comes Through Your Door! If you don’t view it from that perspective, you will make wrong decisions.

Cheap auto repair marketing usually delivers a harvest that is the perfect reflection of itself – Cheap Customers. Make your marketing decisions on who you want your car service and repair customer to be, and only then, select an auto service advertising program that will attract and deliver those customers. Those who buy their auto repair marketing based on cheap price alone, are destined to deal with car service customers who buy auto repair on cheap price alone.